Showtimeanytime on Fire TV

By Gavin | December 18, 2017

Showtimeanytime on Fire TV

Hello, welcome this video is brought to you by the streaming advisor comm. And I'm gonna show you how to watch Showtime on a fire TV.

You do so through Hulu Plus. What Hulu has done is added Showtime as a category, that is located up where all of the other categories have always been. You have to go to Hulu's website, at on to the already kind of robust lineup that you got out of Hulu Plus. Some people don't like Hulu Plus. I said there's too many commercials and distend. The other the good news about the Showtime stuff is that, there are not commercials.

It works just like a premium on-demand channel shed. You can see that it breaks, it up into all of the different categories, that you get from other setups on just for Showtime, no different than Showtimeanytime which is their sort of cable Everywhere app or even the choices you get with just the Showtime app. 

That you can get on every other product besides these Android and Fire TV products. I don't expect it to take too long for Android and Fire TV to get a Showtime app gonna fight, and start ray Donovan for you, let you see that it actually works showing an actual clip. But we can confirm that it actually will start no buffering or problems. This is a pretty nice app. I think it questions not relax. I guess amp is not the right word, this is a nice addition to the positive is that for less than $18.

You can have a whole bunch of network content and a whole bunch of content from different cable channels. And Showtime, if you don't already have Hulu, you might feel like you're kind of getting robbed there yeah, and I would understand we already had Hulu in this household. So adding something like Showtime is not such a big deal. The and also you get it at a discount, its 1099, if you get the Showtime standalone app on these other services. So even if you have something like a Roku, if you're already a Hulu customer, you might just choose to add Showtime on its own like that, but that is Showtime on Hulu Plus. 

I think it is a nice offering, and if you're really enthusiastic about bringing Showtime to a cord cutting household, this is a good way to do it. I'm Ryan Downey, the streaming advisor stream on my friends.