ShowTime AnyTime com Activate | Watch ShowTime on Your Mac Computer

By Gavin | October 28, 2019

For ShowTime anytime com activate and this is to show you to watch Showtime on your Mac OSX computer. My girlfriend and I were having a lot of problems doing this, I searched everywhere a bunch of different forums, and everybody kind of gets the conclusion that it just can't be done. I almost accepted that for a little bit, but the tech guy that I am, I did a little more troubleshooting help for my girlfriend even and we figured it out.


It wouldn't work without a subscription for ShowTime anytime com activate

For a lot of you, when you go to Showtime now you have to have a Showtime account for this, you have to have a subscription. I'm not showing you anything illegal here, how to watch Showtime without a subscription? If you're looking for that you're not going to find it here.

This is a legal way of watching Showtime, it just didn't work on Mac, we tried Chrome, Firefox, Safari, none of them work for watching Showtime. What would happen is we'd be in Showtime, we'd be logged in, and we would go ahead, and we would click play, and it would look like it was playing.

It would start playing and then the screen would go blank, and this was actually on a different computer where we were doing this and we didn't get any message and you'll see that on my screen right now. I get a message saying that I need to install a video plugin called Widevine, that plugin is made by Google is its own company, and then Google bottom, but that's the long story.

Widevine installation is necessary

If you install this plug-in, if you go to tools, you can find this optimizer and you can install it, and you'll be able to watch Showtime. Now here's the big problem on my computer, I get this pop-up telling me I need it.

That's pretty easy on my girlfriend's MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7, she didn't get this pop-up and the reason is that she already had Widevine installed, but it wasn't updated and periodically she would get a message saying you need to update Widevine.

If you're having that problem you can go ahead if you're not getting any message you want to update Widevine, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to install it real quick, and then I'll show you how you can update it. If you're having that problem if you're getting the pop-up message to update Widevine, that's the easy way to update it.

Need to close out Google Chrome

But if you're not getting that message, you can either uninstall it and reinstall, and the second here is that it will ask me to close out Google Chrome. I'm going to do that and we're going to finish installing Widevine at least, I thought it would ask me to close out Google Chrome.

Let's see where we're at here, I got a double click on this and open that up, you can see what I'm working with on my work computer, here get a sneak peek into the ants, and Alex work accounts for ants and It's asking me to close Chrome.

I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to quit out of Google Chrome, once fully quits, now it says install complete. If I go back into Google Chrome and I go to showtime any time, I forget the actual web addresses, probably just, and I googled it.

Update Widevine if already installed

Now I should be logged in, let's see if I'm already logged in here. If not, I'll have to log in for you. I'm not logged in, so I'm going to cut to login. I'm just finishing the login process here, now if I click to watch any show I have Showtime pretty much for Dexter, but we could take a look at ray Donovan, you'll notice I don't get that pop-up and my show starts to play.

I obviously can't play any of that for you here on YouTube that would be illegal, but this is hopefully helping out showtime by showing their users, how they can watch their content on their computer. Now if you have Wi-Fi already installed, you need to update it. I would recommend just if you're not getting that pop-up to update it.

I would just go ahead and delete it, you can go ahead and use spotlight search for Widevine, delete it off your computer, reinstall it and you will be off and watching Showtime on your Mac OSX computer. The people who said you can't do it, they were wrong, we figured it out, enjoy Showtime. That's all I have for you.