Roku Channel Brings ShowTime, EPIX and More for Free | ShowTimeAnyTime

By Gavin | August 10, 2018

Yesterday was national streaming day, where all these streaming services they bring like some special phone, strange special channels on movies, TV shows that allow you to watch it free, lolly toes bends on, and everything like that, so you get back into the beginning of a season, so if you haven't seen all the seasons, but Roku's has done something very interesting, there are loud, that's to get free showtime for one week, it started yesterday and this whole like trial ends on May 20th, so let's check to see what they got going on.

As you can see, they're celebrating free entertainment on national streaming day, and this is going on all week for Roku on channel, so if you have a Roku box, Roku stick, or Roku TV, just check out the Roku channel out, and you'll get you the latest, so you'll get social in, Tom IPE, he picks Fox, now you got to earth, got history vote people, TV life, Tom History Channel, so you have all those and then these are the souls, they got billions, the Fair Ray Donovan which I start watching yesterday, one of my friends, it was good, so I'm going to finish watching it on season one, today gets our D that's from a picks, and then some sort from before starring Meghan Trainor DD and DJ Callie, it's a lot of soles and different channel, entertainment channel, instead, you can see now a Roku one percent free, and you don't have to have a subscription, you'll have to have any logins, none of it, so you can just check it off, you have a Roku TV, Roku stick, check it out.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below what you think about, this whole new lineup or Roku dawn for this week for national streaming week, I get where they might as which is called nest and streaming week.