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By Gavin | March 07, 2018

How to Watch Live TV Channels Free on Amazon Fire TV

What's up guys, it's super from, this video is going to show you guys how to watch live TV on amazon FIRETV and any other android device. Now first I'll go ahead and give you a little demonstration of how well this particular app works, so I'll go into the applications and manage installed applications, and here are my third party apps that I've installed, and one of them is this one, right here live-stream player, and I'm going to show you how it works. 

There's no way you can use this application without a mouse and keyboard, so make sure you have those and then you can slide over the side panel, like that click on live, then type the name of a TV channel, so go ahead and type HBO first and then go to next, just as you see on the screen, and there's a whole list of all the streams of HBO that are currently available, and just have to choose the right one, and you have the authentic HBO channel. But since there's so many sometimes you have to go through and pick the right one, that's all, just click on it, then click play, just like that, and there you go. Go ahead and cut this out real quick, so I don't get any copyright violations, this is just to show you how the application works. 

So you just go back to the search in the same way by sliding the panel off from the side, and just type the name of the channel, so like I type Showtime. Here's a bunch of different Showtime results, you just have to pick the right one, and if you prompt it to upgrade, you can either choose not now or you can upgrade to the pro version, and you'll have more features. This is an advertisement, so just go to the X you can exit the app, like that once you press the escape button on the keyboard.

Okay now I'll go ahead and show you guys where to get this application from, and it'll work with any Android device as well as the Amazon fire TV and fire TV stick. So just go over there, full-size downloads, and scroll all the way to the bottom number 15, and click on it now, when this red screen appears just click on details like that, and then click on visit this site, and then the download will begin. This is just a little warning message that's been popping up on my website, and now if you're on the desktop version of YouTube, you can just go ahead and click right on the screen on the video, that's playing and it'll take you to the how to install third-party apps, in case you're not familiar with that, just go ahead and check out my other videos showing you how to install third-party apps onto the fire TV. 

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Thank you guys for watching I'll see you in the next one peace.