HBO Now vs Showtime Paid Apps | ShowTimeAnyTime

By Gavin | July 12, 2018

HBO Now vs Showtime Paid Apps | ShowTimeAnyTime

This is reviewing HBO now and Showtime with a bunch of extra bullshit using an Apple TV, each of them has its feature, it's better to try both of them one month for trial, the decision which one is applicable.

I'm going to do a quick review here with a bunch of extra bullshit using an Apple TV, what we're going to review is the app HBO Now and the Showtime apps, now these work on your phone also, Roku, all different devices, I like the Apple TV person and a lot of people have the preferences, whatever, but I like Apple TV, I have Roku, I also have Google Chromecast, another one that I don't have as far as the smart box is the Amazon Fire, which I would like to try it eventually, anyway hole in their subject, so we're going to review the HBO Now though in Showtime apps.

I've got to zoom in on my TV, so some of you might know, some of you don't know that HBO and choke, on both now offer platform, it's kind of like Netflix, where you pay a monthly fee, and you don't have to have it to your cable company, and you can watch the movies that they offer, now we have Netflix Hulu Plus also, but let me go over to HBO Now, we'll open that app up.

When we open it up, this one's like $14 a month, and you know HBO's got a lot of great programming, and I personally like HBO a lot, so but you have like your watch list, you also have your series movies, basically the same stuff that you have on all of the other platforms, it's 40 I think, it's $14.99 a month 1450 a month, whatever that is, and it's running slow right now, because I think I've got too many devices hooked to my router, it'll catch up a second, HBO though again $14 a month, I love the show ballers, so I've got it for that, but again basically the same thing that you've got on HBO Nap or go it or Netflix or whatever the same type of thing, so I had had this one for a little bit, we've enjoyed it.

I decided to go ahead and try the Showtime one to both, offer a three for free 30-day trial, I suggest you charm both for 30 days and see which one you like better, the Showtime ones a little bit cheaper per month, I do like its layout, a little bit better, as you can see it's kind of faster response, you've got your the home page is kind of the same as the HBO one, but here's the cool thing with the Showtime, you've got your live TV feature now, I like to fall asleep watching TV, sometimes I just like to turn something on to hear it, I don't even have cable in my room, I have cable TV in my front room, I never ran an outlet into my bedroom, because I just I don't need it, I watch what I want to watch or I just watch on here TV, but even by sometimes I like to just watch fall asleep watching shows, the live TV feature personally I find is really cool, like right now showing up, let's go back to live TV, and then you've got this is showing.

What's on now is on Showtime East, and it's got to schedule what's coming up throughout the day, so then you can go back up, you can go to Showtime West, and this is what's showing on Showtime West right now, and then there's the schedule below put it, but let's go back to Showtime East, let's say we just want to turn something on, just let it play kind of like if you were watching Showtime on TV, you just hit it and there it is, and so now you're going to be watching exactly what's live on Showtime, some of you might not like that feature, I think it's cool, I think that's a really neat feature to have, I'm also like the layout on the Showtime, let's go back, the Showtime is a little bit better I think, you will like, let's see, go to categories, and then of course you have your movies, sports, comedy, all that reality document, documentaries, whatever, after hours, I don't watch that but something I might watch, so go to movies and then when you hit your movies, you've got your different genres over here, on your left it tells you what you're looking for or if you just want to see all the movies, you can go up here and hit all movies, I kind of like the way they've got it categorized. Now if you go, and this is on the Apple TV layout, so it may be different on some of the other devices.

If I go to HBO, let me go back to HBO now, you got your sick watch this series, so let's go to movies again, see this one actually runs a little bit slower, I don't know why it's running and it always runs a little bit slower than the Showtime does, that it's really written slow today, anyway, so you've got your genre is up here at the top, let's see we'll go to comedy and then hit comedy, and then there are your movements there, so that's got a different layout of it, both very good services, I like them both.

I like about the Showtime, one is that it's cheaper per month, but I know it show Thomas contents a little different than HBO, and then I like the live TV feature, so that's kind of it is to run now, between the two, my suggestion is try on both, they both have 30-day free trials, check them out, see what you think and then leave your comments below, and let us know what you think which one do you like better, HBO now or a Showtime or both, I may keep them up, for $25 a month you're getting both platforms, hope you enjoyed, hope this was informative, try to keep all the extra stuff, and just give you what you want.